this one’s for you Annie

Annie recently wrote a post titled, “What’s a Tar Heel?”. She talked about how the University of North Carolina’s mascot was a ram and not a tar heel even though the nickname for their teams was Tar Heels. She wondered if it was because it was just too hard to make a furry suit that looked like a foot.

Annie asked me about the Red Sox mascot, wondering if it could be a sock. I wrote a post, titled “the Green Monster and the mascot” which talked about the Red Sox mascot, Wally the Green Monster. I made the comment: “I guess like the Tar Heels, it would probably be pretty silly seeing a person dressed up as a Red Sock.”

I guess I was wrong! I found this photo yesterday on the Boston Globe site while looking at all the ring ceremony photos:


The caption for the photo read: Mascots Lefty and Righty did not head to Los Angeles with Dr. Charles Steinberg. They were out and about at Fenway Park on Opening Day. No word as to how Wally feels about these two.

13 thoughts on “this one’s for you Annie

  1. Hmmmmmm, in general I love mascots and find them hilarious (unlike clowns, which are just creepy.)
    But I don’t know about these two, maybe it’s the pair that’s a bit disconcerting. Bring back the Green Monster!


  2. A. I like clowns, especially physically funny ones. Some are sad, yes; others are creepy. The same can be said for uncles or gym teachers, but I refuse to lump them all together.
    B. Lefty and Righty are hilarious, a great addition. Is it me or do they look a little bit like Johnny Pesky?
    C. A lovely blog, Girasoli. Thank you for remembering me, an Andover kid formerly living in Italy and now back in the States. I’m sorry for not saying hello earlier. Keep up the good work and Go SOX!


  3. Hi Fango, good to hear from you. I can go either way on clowns myself. Lefty and Righty are growing on me. Wally never did. I had to go back to find the Johnny Pesky resemblance…is it the cheeks and their lack of teeth??


  4. Oh my gosh, that is too hilarious! I love that they have a pair. I thought Wally was kind of cute but you are right, it was kind of a stretch to connect him to the Sox, where as these guys are just perfect! I wonder if Wally will be put into storage?
    CBS Sunday Morning did a thing about mascots a couple of weeks ago – there is some school out in Arizona, I think, whose mascot is an Artichoke. They are the Fighting Artichokes and the mascot was so goofy looking and then the school called in a designer to try to make their artichoke look more intimidating. The whole story was so funny! Lefty and Righty don’t look very scary but that’s okay. :)


  5. I would like to see a photo of the Artichoke. Too bad I missed that one. I generally like mascots, it just has been hard getting used to a Red Sox mascot after so many years without one. The more I look at this photo, the more I am liking the 2 sox. I wonder if they go on the road also? I am not sure on the status of Wally. I will have to keep my eye out on any new stories on the status of the mascots.


  6. Brenda, I agree that red sox are a great idea for mascots since that is the name of the team. Sadly though, I am not as pro Lefty and Righty after seeing them on TV today running around on the field after the game. They look a bit silly when you see the people wearing the sox outfits with their long legs below the bottom of the sox costumes. The photo I posted flatters them a little bit more when their legs don’t show. Wally may still have his job for now.


  7. www dot cbsnews dot com/stories/2008/04/06/sunday/geist/main3996588 dot shtml?source=RSSattr=HOME_3996588
    Here is a photo of that goofy Artichoke mascot!


  8. No problem Annie. I read it on another blog and then started to notice that the only time I would start getting tons of spam was when a link was in a comment. Strange huh?


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