8 thoughts on “bug on a flower

  1. I’m sorry that I can’t help you with the name of the flower, but your photo is absolutely stunning. You have a wonderful gift for photography.


  2. The flower looks like a blue bell. I am not saying that that is the name but it made me think of a blue bell right away. No guess on the bug’s name either.
    Just wanted to say that it is a beautiful photo.


  3. en dot wikipedia dot org backslash wiki backslash Campanula
    I think it’s a Campanula or bellflower. No idea about the bug but he’s cute! And that is such a gorgeous photo!


  4. Thanks for the link Annie (I changed it slightly as I have noticed whenever links are posted in the comments, I start getting major spam problems).
    I checked it out and am not sure if it is the Campanula as this flower seems to be a smaller flower that comes in a group.


  5. Annie is correct. It is a Campanula. It is a large family ranging in size. Google “campanula murren” to see some of the Campanula species that are native to the area where you saw the flower. Depending upon the size, my guess is it is either Campanula cochleariifolia or Campanula rotundifolia.


  6. Huh, after many google searches, I found a pretty close match and indeed it does seem to be the Campanula rotundifolia L., bluebell bellflower. It does also look a lot like the Campanula bohemica but this flower seems to just grow in the Czech Republic which is endangered and protected.
    I never knew a flower could have so many close relatives. I guess they are like people!
    Thanks Annie & Marta & Eden!!
    Now for the bug ;)


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