it’s getting close…

Five more sleeps and I am off!! It just doesn’t seem real. I am dreaming of espresso and gelato instead of focusing for more than five minutes on what needs to be done. It just doesn’t seem real that I AM actually returning to Italy.

Thank goodness I have lists from past years to look at just in case I never get my act together to make my new lists for this year. This is my first year that I have time to leisurely pack and get ready for my trip… and what am I doing? Procrastinating!!! I shall go and stare at last year’s packing list again.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.

6 thoughts on “it’s getting close…

  1. Hi, girasoli,
    Don’t feel badly–we have 3 more sleeps, counting tonight, and we’re not packed. Have a wonderful trip–each and every minute.


  2. Jane, thanks so much! Why is it that packing always ends up being so time consuming and difficult? Have a wonderful trip also! Too bad we won’t cross paths while there.


  3. HI Girasoli, cool! Five more days before you’ll be enjoying beautiful Italy. I’m totally jealous. I’m really excited for you and everyone else heading back to my favorite place in the world.
    Have fun packing! (I also keep all my to do lists from previous year)


  4. Five days to go, fantastic!!!!!!
    I also procrastinate on the packing. I think I find it so frustrating, trying to cram too much stuff into too little space, that I’m conditioned to dread it! And so many things you can’t pack until the last minute anyway.
    I make lists weeks before a trip, adding things whenever I think of them because I know that a few days before I travel, I become paralyzed. It’s just pre-travel anxiety, but I usually decide a few days before that it’s too much hassle; I question why I’m spending so much money, etc. etc. The dread passes once I get going, but I’m often quite useless a few days before a trip so I HAVE to preplan.
    You’ll have such a fabulous time, I’m looking forward to all the photos.


  5. girasoli,
    Have a wonderful time in Italy!!
    Packing is overrated…you’ll get around to it….if not, you’ll have a lighter bag! LOL
    ps I love late nights…the phone stops ringing…no one comes to the door…so much time to be creative!!


  6. Kathy, those lists from previous years are what saves me everytime!
    Sandra, isn’t it interesting how this packing ordeal affects so many. I sometimes want to just not unpack when I return since I end up packing most of the same stuff once again.
    Linda, thanks so much for stopping by. I checked out your blog and your photo galleries. WOW, amazing photos! Yes, for some reason, late nights are when everything gets done for me. I love your idea of a lighter suitcase :-)


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