23 thoughts on ““road” ~ PhotoHunt

  1. Nice! I love Soave the wine and like getting to see what the area looks like. And even though it’s not a close-up, I can tell you’re happy in the second photo! Have a great weekend.


  2. Great road shots… I love them both!
    I was expecting Hawaiian roads… with some turtles, nene, or those little rodents crossing… Road to Hana?


  3. Hi Girasoli, great theme photos! Cool photo of you in that second one on the road to Civita di Bagnoregio. I also enjoyed the first one winding through . . . beautiful!
    Great selection! Have a great Sunday!


  4. Love both photos!
    I had to look up both places on the map since I didn’t know its exact location. Soave is so close to Verona, where I spent a week in ’02. When were you there?
    Civita sounds like a lovely hill town. Will have to put it on the list. I love seeing scanned photos of pre-digital travels.
    About the castle, I didn’t want to put this information on the post because my Sicilian family is quite reserved, but my cousin lives in the castle. For more than half a century her husband’s family worked for the owners (always referred to as “il principe and la principessa”). My cousin is a widow now and she and her son run the farm and have a small store at the entrance of the road where they sell their produce. I stay with them when I’m in Palermo, so I sleep in the castle. The ground floor is the only part that’s habitable, the rest is closed-up. Next time you make it down to Sicily I can take you to visit a castle “in rovina” (in ruins).


  5. Annie, I thought it was pretty cool to see the vineyards where the Soave wine comes from. We also drove by the factory.
    Lucy, that would have been a great idea to use the Kilauea lava flows for the road theme.
    Tammy, thanks for stopping by!!
    Pretty Life, as you can probably see, I am partial to Italy also.
    Jo, I hope you get there one day.
    Jerry, I think you would love Civita. It is a tiny village with amazing views.
    Yummy, I loved your road also.
    Enigma, thanks for stopping by! Ahh yes, the winding road of life…
    saint2, I didn’t think of that til you mentioned it. Now that I think if it, I have seen photos in Asia with similar terraces.
    Leslie, grazie!
    Eden, yesterday morning when heading out to do some errands, I found a dead rodent next to my car! It was either a huge mouse or a small rat – the tail was missing so I wasn’t sure which one it was. I decided against a photo though. I have only done the road to Hana once many years ago before the digital age. I was too busy getting car sick to take photos that day.
    Carver, thanks! Glad you liked them.
    Kathy, I don’t usually like my photo being taken and am not too excited about my toothpick legs in this photo, but it does bring back wonderful memories!
    María, I was there in June, 2006. Katia and Guido took me there. It is a pretty neat little town with a castle that you can tour. This photo was one of the views from the top. I had an amazing gelato while there. One of the best I think I have ever had! Civita is also very cool. It is very tiny with only a few residents still living there. I had a great time wandering around and the views as I mentioned earlier are amazing!
    Thanks for the info on the castle. Wow, you get to sleep there? That would be cool if one day we could meet up in Sicily. I have only been there once back in 2002 for two weeks and would love to return one day.


  6. G: Touche! I laughed when I saw your entry – Civita – of course — the one and only road for entry….and here I was thinking I’d see Hana . Thanks for the Sunday afternoon chuckle:-)M


  7. Mar, thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked the photos.
    menehune, no road to Hana for me. The problem with me getting photos of roads in Hawaii is that I am usually driving. And when I am not, the traffic is too crazy to stand in the middle of the road to take a photo.


  8. Love the photo of Civita – that town has been on my list ever since I first read of it a couple years ago. But not sure it’s very reachable by public transportation so alas, it’s been out of my reach so far – hoping to get Dave over there one of these years so we can rent a car and just tool around aimlessly.


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