smart car sightings 2008

The first time I saw a Smart Car was in 2001 while staying in Ferrara, Italy. Ever since then, I have been a huge Smart Car fan. Since blogging, I have realized that I am not alone.

Leslie is also a huge Smart Car fan. Today, she posted a photo of a Modena Smart Car.

Kathy has been lucky enough to drive a Smart Car. She rented one while staying in Siena in 2005.

And, Smart Cars have finally made it to the US. Jane recently spotted a Smart Car in her cul-de-sac in San Diego.

Here are some of my favorite Smart Cars from my stay in Italy this past summer.

Santa Margherita Smart Cars:

Acqui Terme Smart Cars:


Modena Smart Car:


Bologna Smart Cars:

11 thoughts on “smart car sightings 2008

  1. There is one in a parking lot close to my office building. I’d like to drive one too.
    Your photos could be used in magazine ads, they are so beautiful!


  2. I first saw them on my first trip to Paris. Right then, I wanted one. In the past year or so, I have spotted them around my area in Northern Cal. I still want one. :)


  3. I love the bright yellow smart car from Bologna. And they’re coming to Canada in a pretty big way, I’ve seen a few around Ottawa…..I even toy with the idea of getting one myself if/when my current Toyota blows up!


  4. Annie, what a dream job! Photographing Smart Cars all over Italy. Maybe I should contact Smart Car :)
    Eden, I wonder if they are all over Europe now?
    Sandra, I thought about buying one also, but they get very mixed reviews and are just a bit small for me to feel safe in. I have been thinking about a hybrid (Toyota or Honda).


  5. Hi Girasoli, very cool post! I love your collection of Smart car photos! They are all great, but my favorite, is the red hot cutie! Thanks so much for mentioning my Smart car photo. I liked the photos by Leslie and Jane too. Very nice.
    This is interesting, but the one we drove in Siena was both an automatic and stick combo! I had never heard of that before. And I kind of wonder if they are all like that. Since my friend doesn’t drive stick we kept it on automatic. But the way it drove felt like it was a standard. For a little car it really had some power zipping on those winding roads. Not that we were driving fast or anything!
    Thanks for this fun post!


  6. If you look closely, you can see jgk (Jan) in the reflection. We walked by this car a few times. I loved the license plate. Interesting about the automatic and stick combo.


  7. Cute post! We’ve got a guy who is waiting on our parking lot in one every morning. He comes in, buys a Times, and orders a scone and coffee. Then he sits by the window and watches as people coming to the store check out his car. He’s one proud Smart Car owner!


  8. Deborah, that is so funny that he watches people check out his car.
    Pretty Life Online, It sure is cute! Too bad your husband didn’t like it. Just think, you might be driving one today :)


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