#1 part 2 ~ the food in Bologna

Continuing on with my food experience in 2008…

Wednesday morning, after eating a very filling breakfast at my hotel, I stopped at the beautiful Caffè Zanarini for an espresso.


Caffè Zanarini is located at the corner of Piazza Galvani on Via Farini. After paying, I ordered a caffè macchiato, which was excellent. Oh how I wished I had room to try one of the delicious pastries. I was very impressed that the barista gave everyone who ordered some type of coffee drink a little glass of acqua frizzante (fizzy water). I have not had this happen before, or at least that I remember.

cm IMG_2095.jpg

I ate at Caffè Zamboni (Via Zamboni, 6) for lunch. Caffè Zamboni is a fun little bustling caffè. I ordered a stacchino (a type of cheese) and rucola sandwich with a flat type of bread. It was very good and very cheap.

For dinner, I ate at Osteria al 15 (Via Mirasole, 13). I wrote about my wonderful meal at Osteria al 15. Here are two of the food photos from that post…

15 IMG_2310
ricotta all’ aceto balsamico caramellato – OMG incredible!!!
15 IMG_2312
tortelloni con burro e salvia

Thursday was my last day in Bologna. I went into Tamburini to get some lunch. Tamburini is a very cool gourmet delicatessen. I love walking through this shop looking at all the food.

I bought a little plate of greek salad and a little plate of pasta salad. The greek salad was very good, but the pasta was mushy and not so good.

In the afternoon, I trekked over to Pasticceria Laganà (Via S. Stefano,112), a pastry shop Chiocciola recommended that is very well known in Bologna. I wanted to go there to buy some treats for my friends Katia and Guido. Pasticceria Laganà is located on Via Santa Stefano. Note… it is not located near the Santa Stefano church. It is located at the other end of this very long street. It is also closed in the afternoon, which I found out after my very long walk there. Since Laganà was closed, I stopped at a nearby gelateria (which I will talk about in my gelato post) before heading back to my hotel.

I returned to Pasticceria Laganà again in the evening, this time taking the bus to buy my pastries. Chiocciola was right. This pasticceria was amazing! The woman waiting on me was very kind. She helped me choose a few different types of tiny pastries that would not spoil while taking two trains to Coccaglio the following day. She even wrapped them up with a beautiful ribbon.

Then it was time to buy something for myself. There were so many wonderful choices. It was difficult deciding because I wanted one of everything. I finally decided on a zabaglione pastry and a pastry with strawberries and whipped cream.

The zabaglione pastry was very delicious and filling. The strawberry and whip cream pastry was even better. It was my favorite. It reminded me of the strawberry shortcake my mom used to make. I ended up eating both pastries before dinner! I was too busy drooling over all of the pastries thought to think about taking any photos.

I was now down to my last meal in Bologna (besides breakfast at my hotel the following morning). I couldn’t decide where to eat. After eating gelato in the afternoon and then eating the two pastries before dinner, I was not very hungry. My grandmother always scolded me when I would eat dessert before dinner. She was right this time.

I walked around checking out a few restaurants I had listed as recommendations but in the end I headed back to Ristorante Teresina. It was my last night in Bologna and I wanted to make sure I would have a fabulous dinner. I knew that I would not be disappointed with the food there. I also knew I would be treated wonderfully at this restaurant. Here’s a photo of the nice waiters at Ristorante Teresina.


I ordered the tortelloni filled with ricotta cheese and spinach with burro e salvia (butter and sage). It was homemade and so delicious. I was much too full to eat anything else that evening. After dinner, I waddled back to my hotel to pack.

**The featured photo at the top of this post is  tortelloni con burro e salvia from Ristorante Teresina in 2011. YUM!!

I have barely scratched the surface, trying only a few restaurants in Bologna. I really need to go back and spend at least a month there to fully enjoy the delicious food of Bologna.

While planning my trip to Bologna last summer, I printed out the following two restaurant recommendation resources:

Rar’s Everything Bologna
(scroll down towards the bottom for the food section)

Slow Travel Emilia-Romagna restaurant reviews

11 thoughts on “#1 part 2 ~ the food in Bologna

  1. Never having visited Italy (yet), I am enjoying your detailed posts. I can visualize all the places. It makes me want to go and visit though. :)


  2. Oh, Caffè Zanarini IS beautiful, I want to stop in for an espresso RIGHT NOW!!! I’ve never seen the fizzy water either. Dreams of staying in Bologna are becoming lodged more firmly in my head with every post…as if I didn’t already have enough trouble deciding where next to stay in Italy! :)


  3. Great post, it is making me hungry and ready to go back.(shoot, I’ve been ready since the plane landed in JFK).
    I am ready for my letter too, so hit me(softly please):)


  4. Another delicious post, Girasoli!
    My list of restaurants and cafes for Bologna is becoming wonderfully long. I can’t wait to try Ristorante Teresina. And Caffè Zanarini looks wonderful, your link to the review — and more photos — on World Foodie Guide is fantastic. (And the WFG’s section on Where to Eat in Bologna is a wonderful resource.)
    I love getting a glass of water when I order un caffé (I’m always drinking water) but I’ve never gotten fizzy water! Fancy!


  5. Thank you so much for your wonderful tour of the restaurants of Bologna — YUM! I’ll be in there in June, and will have your posts in my back pocket.


  6. Another awesome Bologna post! I have a happy feeling in my stomach from reading this! I am glad you liked Lagana, but sorry that you trekked all the way without success the first time! I should have warned you that the bolognesi definitely keep their traditional schedules of afternoon closings.
    Sandra, I wish we were going to overlap in Bologna!!


  7. All of your Bologna posts are so wonderful… so detailed and so many mouth-watering photos. I’m enjoying these so much, and I’ll be printing out all of them to bring with me on my trip. I feel like there’s no reason for me to look anywhere else for restaurant choices, I want to go to Osteria 15 and Ristorante Teresina. I want those ravioli…


  8. Eden, thanks!
    Anne, I know just what you mean. I have had such a difficult time deciding where to go when planning my last few trips.
    Annie, they were so so nice.
    candi, I hope you get to go back soon.
    sandra, I was excited to find the WFG blog also. Wish I found it before my trip last year. The funny thing about the fizzy water is that even though I was very impressed, I don’t really like fizzy water.
    Sharon, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. How lucky to be there in June! I hope my posts help. Have a wonderful time!
    Chiocciola, I should have figured it out. The plus though with my trek there was discovering the gelateria I will write about tomorrow. Glad to give you that happy feeling in your stomach :)
    jerry, have you been to Bologna?
    dana, thanks! I am really glad my posts are helpful. Oh how I would love to eat some good ravioli right now also!! Can’t wait to hear about your experience there.


  9. We were in Bologna in October and loved it— such helpful friendly people.
    Stayed in Hotel Internazionale— great, wonderful breakfast and helpful staff.
    Dined twice at Teresina— great fillet of pork, rack of lamb and ricotta tortolloni. Waiter
    was so patient and charming.
    Loved desests at Trattoria Gianni plus great steak and helpful staff


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