“open”~ PhotoHunt

An open car…

An open mouth…

Two more photos of this cute little lizard I spotted in the orchid house at the Foster Botanical Garden on Thursday…

10 thoughts on ““open”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Love the open car, and wow, that lizard can really open his mouth. I have never seen one quite like that. I could not come up with anything this week.


  2. Hi Girasoli, your photos are cool. I love the little yellow dune buggy car and I have to say that lizzard is really interesting. I never knew that their mouths open that wide. :) Cool choices for this week’s theme.
    That’s cool that you’re cheering for Spain. Wasn’t that game great? Have a wonderful 4th of July!


  3. Late in replying… thanks everyone! I was really surprised seeing this car on the road. It’s not a car you see every day here in Hawaii unless perhaps it escaped from Waikiki!
    Marta, it was not really a very hot day that day. Sort of overcast with rain showers so he probably got wet more than being too hot. :)
    I was also very surprised to see the lizard flash me his cute little red thing below his chin/neck. I am not sure if he was showing off or scared or if he thought that was protecting him. I had a difficult time trying to focus my camera on him as there was not a lot of light and I had to keep my aperture setting lower so that my shutter setting would not be too slow to cause more blur. When I spotted the dead bee, I figured out why he was brave enough to hang out near me and to not bolt. He was pretty funny to watch.


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