Italy 2005 ~ Umbria, Lago di Garda, Lago di Como, & Visits with Friends in Empoli & Coccaglio

I am finally getting around to adding my old 2005 slow travel trip report to my blog.

Dates: June 7 – July 3, 2005.
Description: Spello, Perugia, Empoli, Sirmione, Coccaglio, Bellagio, & day trips

I have edited this report a bit by organizing it a little better and trying to shorten it just a bit. I have also changed some of the title pages to identify places more easily in case you are just interested in one or two areas of my trip.


*Depart Honolulu June 7th/arrive Roma June 9th – train to Spello

*4 nights in Spello (June 9-12) Hotel Palazzo Bocci

*3 nights in Perugia (June 13-16) Hotel Fortuna

*3 nights in Empoli (June 17-19) visiting Irene & Francesco

*4 nights in Sirmione (June 20-23) Hotel Eden

*3 nights in Coccaglio (June 24-26) visiting Katia & Guido

*4 nights in Bellagio (June 27-30) Residence La Limonera

*last night at Airport Hotel (July 1) Hotel Ristorante Cervo

*depart Milano July 2nd/overnight in Houston at the Wyndham Hotel

*depart Houston July 3/arrive Honolulu July 3

Italy Trip 2005, Pescallo, Lago di Como, Italy

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