si se puede cambiar

I know many of you may be thinking, is this going to turn into a political blog? I promise to not post more than one post a week (I am thinking Sundays) and you can always ignore these posts if you want.

I would also like to share two excellent blog posts, both that articulate the same concerns I have much better than I ever could:

pssst, republicans: comfortable has no place in politics ~ bleeding espresso

Sarah Palin ~ Casey, Italy and Other Good Stuff

12 thoughts on “si se puede cambiar

  1. This video is the result of strong movement of young people who were never involved in politics and now feel that their voice and vote DO count. There’s a very active movement in the Hispanic communities across the country to create awareness on the importance of every vote in this election. Campaigns for voter registration are being held nationwide.
    I enjoyed reading Jane’s and Michelle’s posts and agree on their take on Palin. They have very eloquently expressed how I feel.
    Did you read Diana’s comment in Michelle’s blog? LOL, I almost fell off my chair.
    (BTW, thank you for your reply to the nalgene bottle question. I haven’t had luck finding them so I’m going to order them thru their website.)


  2. Thanks for posting this and also for sharing the great links. I’m not fretting about this becoming too political of a blog! The election isn’t that far away. :)


  3. You GO, Girasoli!
    Palin and the choice of her as the nominee make me wonder–how could I be this out of touch?
    BTW–I got a great Thermos brand stainless steel water bottle that I love.


  4. Great video, Girasoli! And don’t worry about posting about politics — if there was ever a time to get political, it’s now!
    Thanks also for the link to Jane’s post, interesting stuff.


  5. Hi Girasoli, Excellent post! This election is sooooo important, we should talk openly and freely about it. It’s too important not to.
    Thanks for posting the links to Michelle and Jane’s blogs. Their points were right on! When I first heard about her selection my first thought was oh how transparent! And then when I saw her speech and learned about her background and track record especially her ties in the efforts for Alaska to secede from the United States . . . I became upset and then worried for our future. Like Marta said, a heart beat away.
    I say this every election, the key to our party’s success is for people to learn about the issues and facts and to get out and vote. I’m so happy that I’m still in town for this very important election.
    BTW, I think Youtube deleted that video before I could see it. Bummer.


  6. María, I guessed that the video had to do with trying to get more people from the Hispanic community involved. Thanks for the details on the video! I love the song. Yes I read Diana’s comment. You have to also check out her blog post – new blog – creative structures – on my blog roll. Sorry I didn’t have better info on the .5 oz bottles. You would think with the travel restrictions, they would be in demand more than ever now.
    Thanks Annie. I actually became so mad tonight after listening to our Lt Gov on a talk radio station while driving home with what he had to say about “wonderful Palin” and the Iraq war. Thank goodness for Jon Stewart on the internet to calm me down.
    Marta, thanks for the link. I had read most of this on other sites but did not know the entire depth of her denial. I do have to disagree with Rick Steiner’s comment: “On the environment, Sarah Palin is essentially George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and perhaps James Watt rolled into one, but with a more pleasant demeanor.” Yes she is one in the same BUT I would not characterize her as having a more pleasant demeanor! Not after watching her speak at the RNC!
    Thanks Jan and thanks for the water bottle tip.
    Sandra, it must be interesting hearing all of this from the Canadian’s view. I hear many people are fleeing the country and moving to Canada if McCain and Palin win.
    Kathy, the part that scares me is that too many people only listen to the spin and not the facts. I would be fine with people voting a different way if they knew and understood the facts, we all have the right to vote our preference, but when people don’t even try to learn the real facts, that is what gets me upset. Which video? I tried the one I posted and it is still working.


  7. As someone commented on my blog, it’s refreshing to see how many non-political bloggers are coming out and sharing their opinions on the election.
    The only remotely negative comment I’ve gotten so far on mine, btw, was via email–a message that said she hoped I wasn’t turning BE into a political blog, that she was a “strong McCain/Palin supporter,” and that everyone should be able to choose who they want and should know the facts.
    I wrote back that she obviously didn’t read my post in its entirety (the last lines explained the political nature of the post), that of course people should be able to choose who they want (did I imply otherwise?), that I, too, can express how I feel, especially on my own blog…and that if she truly wanted *all* the facts she’d click on some links in my post on Palin…here’s another, incidentally:


  8. Hi Girasoli, I tried your video again and it worked this time! Yay! Not sure why it gave me a message that the video was no longer available last night. Probably my computer. . . It was a really great video and so well put together. YouTube is a great resource and this video expresses the message of change so well!
    Here in Los Angeles as Maria mentioned in her comments about what’s going on around the country, there is a rather large effort being mobilized to reach all the communities here. Making voter information accessable in all the languages is so important.
    Great video!


  9. Girosoli, can you post so that a direct URL to a posting can be used for a link? Otherwise, linking to you will not bring up the post mentioned. Does this make sense? BTW–I want to come to Hawaii–maybe it will secede and I’ll even be in a new country if needed after 11/4.


  10. “I hear many people are fleeing the country and moving to Canada if McCain and Palin win.” And we’ll be here with arms wide open – anyone fleeing from Palin is welcome in my home!
    (Not to worry about being too political for me – if you can put up with my Jesus stuff, I can handle your political stuff! LOL)


  11. michelle, it is just too important not to. I wonder why she didn’t leave a comment on your blog? At least she is communicating and perhaps she will take the time to read the info you posted and the links on your post. Then again…maybe not. I have tried my best to watch as much of the Republican side, just in case I am missing something, but I am not hearing much truth from them. Thanks for the new link.
    Kathy, glad it worked. Good to hear what’s going in in LA.
    Jane, I sent you the think. Make sure to contact me if you do head this way. I missed seeing you last time. Hopefully the islands won’t be ravaged from hurricanes and there will be beaches left if there is a McCain/Palin *drill baby drill* government that thinks global warming is a hoax.
    Anne, glad to hear your doors are open! :)


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