“view” ~ PhotoHunt

I have been fortunate to experience so many incredible views over the years. After looking through some of my digital photos, I decided on posting a few views from my stay in Mürren, Switzerland in 2003 (taken with my first digital camera).

View from my hotel room the day I arrived:


Views from my hotel room the following morning:


View of my hotel (my room was in the back):


View from the Schilthorn summit:


View from the start of a hike in the Allmendhubel meadow:


16 thoughts on ““view” ~ PhotoHunt

  1. Crikey mate – now THAT’S a view!
    Hey – I made raspberry gelato last night. I have outdone myself – I can’t believe how good it is. Hoo wee, it’s incredible!


  2. Thanks everyone! Switzerland definitely has some incredible views. I hope you all get there one day. I hope to get back there myself with a better camera for more amazing views.
    Leslie, I hope you are going to post the recipe on your blog. I really need to find space in my kitchen so that I can join everyone in trying out some of the delicious gelato and ice cream flavors I have been drooling over.


  3. Hi Girasoli, awesome view from your hotel window! I love Switzerland . . . . your photos makes me want to return! That last one (although not Austria), makes me want to break out singing “the hills are alive…” :)
    Excellent theme photo selections!


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